The Leanchoil trust

About Us

The Leanchoil Trust is a new organisation set up in response to the closure of the Leanchoil Hospital in Forres. The current owner, NHS Grampian, has offered the site to the community through a Community Asset Transfer.  The trust is a membership organisation and its members will be able to vote for board members.

The Leanchoil Trust board is made up of six local people who all have their own personal motivations for wanting to secure the future of the Leanchoil Hospital site, working to the same end goal of creating a health and well-being centre.


The Gate Lodge at Leanchoil

Meet the team

  • Andrew Anderson
  • Tom Duff
  • Graham Hilditch
  • Jana Hutt
  • Seymour Monro
  • Graham Murdoch

Our Mission Statement

The Leanchoil will provide care facilities and an activity centre for the health and well-being of people in the local community and for veterans.

Our Objectivies

Leanchoil will:

  1. Conserve and maintain the historic buildings on the site, some of which are listed.
  2. Make optimum use of this former hospital, nurses accommodation and grounds for the benefit of the local community and of veterans (some of whom may come from further afield) in partnership with specialist providers.
  3. Provide an activities centre and rehabilitation and care infrastructure and resources including a gym.
  4. Provide consultation and treatment space for specialists dealing with a variety of health and care issues.
  5. Provide short term accommodation for those undergoing intermediate care and for veterans undergoing rehabilitation as required.
  6. Provide longer term accommodation for staff who require to be on site.
  7. Provide suitable accommodation and garaging for the local NHS Ambulance Service.
  8. Encourage local businesses to offer their support to the activities centre and, in time, to offer training opportunities for future work placement. (The activities centre and or any training space could develop its own products).
  9. Work with local environmental and recreational groups and sports centres to facilitate regular participation in health and well-being opportunities beyond the Leanchoil site.
  10. Seek to involve its people in local community activities and in turn the local community in Leanchoil activities for mutual benefit and thus delivering a positive output for the community as a whole.
  11. Harness the strong local support for ‘its hospital’ and deliver the Community’s aspirations for this new phase in its life. There has been a long history of local benefactors supporting Leanchoil for over 125 years and many local people started their lives there and have been treated there over the years.
  12. Engage with similar organisations nationwide to learn from their experiences and to deliver best practice at Leanchoil. It will also seek to be innovative in its method of operation including through on site research.
  13. Stimulate growth of employment opportunities in the health and well-being sector.
  14. Determine to be a sustainable organisation as it delivers constructive activities and compassionate care and support. All surplus funds will be directed back into the development and maintenance of Leanchoil.